Thursday, February 15, 2018

Substitute Opportunitites

The district has openings for daily substitutes to cover teacher and para absences.  These positions are per diem, at the daily rate of $75 ($80 after 30 days.). Applications available online via the link below, and in the school building main offices.  Three references, fingerprints, and criminal record check (CORI) required.  Preference given to candidates with teaching or childcare experience.
Link to Maynard District Website

Monday, February 5, 2018

Predictions Inspired by Phil

Mrs. Lawton's Gr. 1 Predictions 
February 2nd~

"Ground Hog's Day" provided a great opportunity to learn about seasons, predictions, graphing, and how legends get started. These pictures show some of the activities Paxutoney Phil inspired among Green Meadow students in grades Prek-2.

Kindergartner in Spanish Immersion says Yes!
Ground Hog's Day, by K student
2 Preschoolers predicted Yes
9 Preschoolers predicted No

100 Day Food Drive

Hundred Day Food Drive
In celebration of 100 Day and our Core Values, 
all second graders are collecting food items to donate to the Maynard Food Pantry.
It is our hope to collect “Hundreds” of non-perishable food items 
to display on the shelf by the GM library, then donate to the Maynard Food Pantry! 
Second Graders are “Kind, Safe, Leaners!”

Physical Education in January

Physical Education Newsletter~

Winter is in full swing, but that has not slowed the level of activity in the Green Meadow gym. During the month of January, students have been learning about all sorts of creatures that inhabit the Earth during fun aerobic games.  Students learned about amphibians during the jumping game Frogs Across the Pond.  During the tagging game Exterminator, students learned about ants and other insects.  Dinosaur Extinction gave students a chance to play a cooperative aerobic game while learning about dinosaurs.  Please remember to send students to school with sneakers on their PE day.  Stay warm,
Mr. M

Trash to Treasure

A peek inside preschool~

Recently, the theme for the week in preschool was ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Activities focused on what happens to trash after it’s thrown away. Preschoolers explored the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling. They answered the questions: ‘What do people throw away?’, ‘Where does trash go?’, ‘How can we reuse junk?’ and ‘How can we create less trash?’  

As you can see from these photos, they made some pretty amazing creations from recycled materials

Friday, February 2, 2018

Information about the FLU

Influenza Update: A message from the Health Services Department~

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Weekly Influenza Update for
January 26, 2018, influenza-like illness (ILI *) activity is increasing, consistent with other parts of the United States.
*ILI is defined as a fever above 100.0 in addition to either cough or sore throat.

To keep influenza-like activity from spreading in the school community it is important to keep your sick child at home when he or she has symptoms of the flu. Use this form to determine whether your child should attend school and when they can return.

Lastly, please remember to call your school’s absentee line everyday that you keep your child home. Try to be as specific with his or her illness as possible, i.e. “home sick with fever of ___ and cough” or “home with an ear infection”, “strep infection”, “pneumonia” or “home for a fever-free day”. This will help the school nurses identify clusters of illness and prompt preventative measures.
For more information about flu prevention, please review these previously shared documents:
Please click on the following link/Fact Sheet pertaining to influenza.

This cute video was shown to our first graders during a recent assembly on bathroom expectations. We discussed the importance of properly washing hands to avoid the spread of germs.

Monday, January 29, 2018

"Every Child Deserves A Red Carpet"

The Beacon Villager wrote a nice story about the warm, welcome children receive when they step off the bus at the Green Meadow School!  It started with one teacher volunteering to greet the bus, and evolved to a group of children lining a red carpet sharing smiles and high fives... Positive Energy is contagious!!  To read the article, follow this link: News Article

Positive Energy Bus

Several times a year, staff members from our "Respectful Schools Committee" preform a skit based on a book promoting friendship and kindness. On Thursday, 1/25/18, students in grades K-3 enjoyed a school-wide assembly featuring the Energy Bus for Kids by Jon Gordon. 

As Ms. Wallace and Mr. Morelli read the book aloud, other staff members acted out the story of a young boy who encounters Joy, a charismatic bus driver. She gives the boy 5 tips on how to become a happier person. She tells him to create a 'positive vision' and intentionally spread kindness and love to others. Smiling, saying 'thank you', and other acts of kindness create positive energy. That energy spreads and, like a magnet, attracts positivity back to us. Below is a close up of the book page listing the 5 rules which were projected on a screen throughout the assembly. Every K-3 class received a copy of the book and a poster of the 5 rules for their classroom.  

GMS Faculty Members have also been reading an adult version of the book, The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy. After writing this short fable, Jon Gordon became a highly sought after motivational speaker for major sports teams and fortune 500 companies. Below are some links to youtube videos about the Energy Bus.

Short overview of the book told by a 5th grader:

A teacher reading the Energy Bus for Kids book:

Animated overview of the adult Energy Bus:

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Prompt & Safe Arrivals

 ~Three quick reminders for a smooth morning arrival~
Four minutes into the first lesson of the day.

Students in grades K-3, should try to arrive at school between 8:15 and 8:25am. This gives them a few minutes to socialize and transition to the classroom for an 8:30am start. Please keep in mind, arriving even a few minutes late is disruptive to the entire class since the teacher must stop instruction to greet and fill the tardy child in on anything they missed. Quite a number of children are habitually arriving after 8:30am. If mornings are a struggle for your family, feel free to reach out to our counseling staff for advice.

As you can see from this picture of the staff parking lot, by 8:25am every space was taken. Because parking is so limited, we ask that visitors and families use Crowe Park. If dropping off for Excel please do not park in the lot after 7:30 when staff begin to arrive. (I often park at Crowe Park because these spaces are so small car doors get dinged -and the distance is about the same.)

Car riders have the option of parking in Crowe Park and walking up, or pulling your vehicle to the curb within the white lines and unloading. Please do not drop off closer to the building since it creates a safety issue with the buses and preschool vans.

Thumbs up to Kale & Farro

Farro, Kale, Butternut Squash
Garlic, Onions and Cranberry Juice

"It's good- I love it!"
On January 19th, students stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new! Food Service Director, Chris Piercey, and Whitson's Chef Hurley, visited our cafeteria to offer samplings of Farro, Kale, and Butternut Squash. Most of the students gave it a thumbs up. A few stated they liked the farro but weren't as sure about the butternut squash. Comments included: "I love it." "It taste like crunchy salad." "It's delicious!" After lunch, a number of students who did not try it stated they wished they had and hoped the Chef makes a return visit in the future.
A few kids started as a thumbs up, then changed their minds.
This Kindergartener gave a mixed review, but would eat it again.

Two thumbs up!
The servers gave students stickers for trying something new.