Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cold Weather Reminders~

Showing Maynard Tiger Pride!

  • Unless it is dangerously cold, we try to send students outside for recess so mittens, hats, and warm coats are needed. If obtaining these items is a hardship for your family, contact our school counselors for assistance.
  • Like most schools, temperatures can vary throughout the building. After weekends and vacations, it can take awhile to warm up so it is best to dress in removable layers.
  • When snow arrives, send in boots and snow pants. Students who are not dressed appropriately are disappointed when unable to play in the snow with peers.
  • If wearing winter boots, send in a change of shoes as toes can get overheated if boots are worn all day.
  • Label coats and sweatshirts with names in case they are misplaced. Our lost & found is located in the cafe.