Sunday, November 12, 2017

Faculty Members Promote Kindness

On 11/10/17, GMS faculty members from the "Respectful Schools Committee" voluntarily put on a skit for gr. K-3 students during an assembly. Ms. Fioretti read the book Juice Box Bully as other staff members acted out the story about a new student who arrives at a school where students took a pledge to stand up to bullying. 
After the assembly, Mr. Mehigan invited students to 'pinky swear' a pledge to spread kindness and stand up to bullying behavior. Each classroom will receive a copy of the pledge to sign and display. Above is a link to the story on Youtube.
Faculty members perform the Juice Box Bully for student

Empowering kids to stand up to unkind behavior.
Students 'pinky swear' to stand up to bullying.