Friday, February 2, 2018

Information about the FLU

Influenza Update: A message from the Health Services Department~

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Weekly Influenza Update for
January 26, 2018, influenza-like illness (ILI *) activity is increasing, consistent with other parts of the United States.
*ILI is defined as a fever above 100.0 in addition to either cough or sore throat.

To keep influenza-like activity from spreading in the school community it is important to keep your sick child at home when he or she has symptoms of the flu. Use this form to determine whether your child should attend school and when they can return.

Lastly, please remember to call your school’s absentee line everyday that you keep your child home. Try to be as specific with his or her illness as possible, i.e. “home sick with fever of ___ and cough” or “home with an ear infection”, “strep infection”, “pneumonia” or “home for a fever-free day”. This will help the school nurses identify clusters of illness and prompt preventative measures.
For more information about flu prevention, please review these previously shared documents:
Please click on the following link/Fact Sheet pertaining to influenza.

This cute video was shown to our first graders during a recent assembly on bathroom expectations. We discussed the importance of properly washing hands to avoid the spread of germs.