Friday, May 25, 2018

Warm Weather Tips

- If you would like your child to wear suncreen or insect repellant, please apply it at home. (Nursing staff are not allowed to apply without written parental permission and a medication order from a doctor).

- Children are welcome to bring hats or sunglasses for recess, if they wish. 

- Sneakers are more fun for recess since they allow traction for climbing and running. Sandals fly off when on the swings and do not protect toes from the mulch under the play structure.

- Little shorts under dresses are recommended for girls who enjoy cartwheels and active play. 

- Please continue to do nightly tic checks, as the little pests seem to be numerous this year!

- Even though the days are warming up, the building can be cool in the morning. Dressing in layers is helpful.